eCommerce Marketing Tools That Can Help Your Website


More people use the Internet to make their purchases, particularly with the increasing use of smartphones and the search for mobile products. Thus, it is ideal for almost every retailer to think of an e-commerce store to promote products. However, what is more than selling products online is to promote these products to potential customers effectively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are just two ideal advertising channels for e-commerce stores. The higher visibility an e-commerce site has, the more visitors and opportunities to earn the site. There are tons of SEO and PPC tools that will improve your e-commerce marketing campaigns and avoid eCommerce risks. Many of these applications are free, so consider them when developing or designing your marketing plans.

SEO Digger

SEO Digger is a free online tool used to optimize Google websites. To use this useful marketing tool for search engines, visit the website (, enter it in your URL, and click on “Search.” The device offers one of the 20 best Google rankings for your website. This tool is valuable because it allows you to know if your website is clearly defined in Google. The tool can also be good because it will enable you to examine some of the best positions without buying a ranking verification application. Moreover, SEO Digger allows you to know your competitor’s best keywords and helps you formulate an effective SEO e-commerce strategy.

Google AdWords


Google AdWords is the most popular platform for paid advertising on search engines, and this tool also allows you to fine-tune and maximize your efforts. This tool does this without impressions on your account, which means that the preview does not lead to a decrease in CTR (Click Through Rate).

With Google AdWords, you can choose where you want to strengthen your ads to look like they are looking for a person on a specific website. The AdWords AdPreview tool can help you determine your ad submission’s success based on the offer’s price.

SEO Book’s Firefox Plugin

The Mozilla Firefox plugin displays 22 different search engine optimization metrics compared to standard Google SERPs. This information is very useful for competitive analysis. With details like inbound links and PageRank, Internet marketers can estimate the power of their competitors’ sites compared to their own.

Google Sets

All you need to do is enter the keywords you want to know more about, and Google will provide you with the relevant search phrases. There is evidence that Google sets can be turned off, but many experts ask that this tool be maintained, as they find it much easier to use than Google’s keyword tool.

AdCenter Keyword Mutation Tool

This unique tool allows you to find keywords with specific spelling (sometimes with spelling errors) and typos. This will enable you to optimize your website because users will not find you if you have spelling or typographical errors in your keywords and phrases.

Well, here are five useful tools for e-commerce Internet advertising. We hope that these tools will help you identify opportunities for your goals and improve your advertising and marketing campaigns.