essentials of SEO Most businesses find it too challenging to keep up with all the SEO best practices that keep on changing from time to time. Despite that fact, the businesses still have to ensure that they remain at the top of their SEO game. The perfect solution is always to hire an SEO firm. If you are looking to hire an SEO agency, you have to go through the challenging process of choosing the right agency to work on your business website. Some of the questions that you should ask before signing with an SEO firm are highlighted below.

What Are the Services That You Offer?

There are many different tasks encompassed under SEO. For that reason, you need to know from the beginning what the SEO firm will take care of within the deal that you will have. Find out all the technical on-page and off-page SEO tasks on which they are prepared to work. SEO is also usually linked to PPC and content marketing. You should thus find out if the SEO firm is ready to help you with all of them. The answers you get should help you make an easy decision whether to sign with the firm or not.

Do You Have Any Case Studies to Show Your Work?

For an SEO firm to be worth your time, it should have a portfolio of satisfied clients and numerous case studies. When presented to you, check the rankings for some of their existing clients. If possible, you also need to examine the trajectory of the rankings over the past couple of months. In addition to that, check the firm’s site rankings as well. What you see should be an excellent demonstration of what they can be able to do for your site.

What Tactics Will You Use to Increase My Organic Traffic?

You should always make sure you ask this question, especially if you have not yet decided whether you will work with the company long-term. That is because there are several ways that you can use to increase the rankings of a site temporarily and in an unsustainable way. You should ensure that the firm is willing to follow all of Google’s best practices so that you are not left dealing with penalties caused by SEO malpractices. A competent and reliable firm should be able to provide you with a detailed map of the steps they intend to take to ensure your site ranks high.